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Reimagining and revolutionizing
engineering for more
 just and equitable futures.


This is me

I am an assistant professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley, and the founding director of the Liberatory Infrastructures Lab (LiL) for Critical Infrastructure. I write, teach, and speak widely about the relationship between engineering and justice, history and systems, identity and implementation, and infrastructure and liberation. 

 Critical Scholarship  

Re-imagining  Critical Infrastructure 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion  

 Motivational Speaking & Guest Lectures   

Creative Transdisciplinary Solutions


I create & consult on projects that engage individuals, communities and systems towards  collaborative solutions.  

Social justice and engineering are treated like oil and water, when they should be treated like cookies and milk! Social justice engineering is the merging of humanities concepts with engineering applications, as a way to solve some of the world's most pressing issues. Interdisciplinary research in engineering that connects to the non-STEM disciplines, is an opportunity to create lasting impact for communities, in the areas that matter most to them, including heath, education, safety, arts, music, and so much more!

I identify as a hybrid professional or a generalist. Engineering is all about creative problem solving. My way of doing this is by creating connections and building bridges (figuratively) between people and disciplines to develop the most creative and holistic solutions to some of the most pressing problems. I should also emphasize that while we work towards collaborative solutions, I focus on the process of identifying gaps, and understanding history, culture and people to develop targeted and relevant solutions in the appropriate context. My approach shifts from the attempt to develop a standardized model and focuses mostly on applying the process.

I love building new connections and partnering with new organizations!  I believe that through the challenging and uncomfortable space of connecting people and ideas that often don't mix, that the best solutions are on the other side of this reconciliation, and that we can get there together! 

Some of the businesses, and organizations I have previously or currently collaborate with representing various sectors including neighborhood associations, non-profits, academia, and private industry. 

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