Latest Projects: Race, Environmental Justice and Water Infrastructure

Project | 01

Community Engagement and Stormwater/Green Infrastructure

As green infrastructure continues to emerge throughout the United States, an assessment of how green infrastructure is cited and the impacts on the community is necessary to determine how equitable, and culturally relevant these implementations are in various communities throughout the United States. An evaluation of green infrastructure community engagement practices across various U.S. cities is being conducted to address this issue. 

Project | 02

Green Infrastructure and Environmental Justice 

Using ArcGIS, we are conducting spatial analysis to further study the relationship between green space, and environmental justice in U.S. cities, specifically looking at green infrastructure implementation, racial distribution, and median-household income. 

Project | 03

Systems Thinking and Modeling 

Using systems modeling, and both quantitative and qualitative methods, a bottom-up model for equitable development will be created and tested in the coastal African American communities of East Tampa and throughout the state of Florida, representing a convergence of environmental justice, meaningful community engagement, and sustainable development for stormwater management. 

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